Bringing Gas to Life

Natural gas - clean, abundant, efficient: an altogether superior fuel - should be a key component in every energy strategy. But bringing gas from remote reserves or supplying gas to smaller markets has been a bridge too far...until now.

Gasfin is dedicated to the provision of small to mid-scale LNG production, shipping, regasification and distribution solutions. Our guiding premise is that if the LNG infrastructure system is scaled to the right-size for the market then natural gas can be delivered efficiently, safely and economically even to smaller markets.

Our business is to develop LNG Infrastructure Services for clients with annual LNG requirements ranging from as little as 10,000 tonnes upto ~1 million tonnes (equivalent to fuel for plants of 10MW up to 1000MW).

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Gasfin secures US DOE export authorisation
The U.S. Department of Energy ("DOE") approved Gasfin Development USA, LLC's ("Gasfin") application to export, on its own behalf and also as agent for third parties, over a 25-year term up to 74 Bcf/year of LNG (approximately 1.5 million metric tons) to nations that have a Free Trade Agreement with the United States. Gasfin proposes to export the LNG from a mid-scale LNG export terminal to be located along the Calcasieu River in Cameron Parish, Louisiana The order can be found on DOE's website under Order No. 3253.