Gasfin offers right-sized LNG production infrastructure with production capacities ranging from 0.4 mtpa to approximately 1.5 mtpa.


  • Monetise stranded gas
  • Access mid-scale markets with right-sized production

The Gasfin advantage

Gasfin LNG production infrastructure offers the following advantages:

  • LNG production costs equivalent to world scale plants on a per unit basis
  • Designed and engineered in-house by Gasfin and its affiliates ensuring that technical, operational and commercial aspects are considered holistically
  • Whether pipeline quality or raw gas from a stranded field, Gasfin with TGE can engineer the appropriate gas processing system
  • Use only proven technology and partners that have been successfully applied on previous Gasfin and TGE projects.
  • Manage interface between mid-scale LNG production and global LNG market
  • Suitable for barge mounted (near shore FLNG) or onshore implementation

Onshore liquefaction

Xinjiang LNG Project China, 430,000 tpa (2004)

Gasfin can provide onshore LNG production facilities with the following specifications:

  • LNG production capacity: 0.4 - 1.5 mtpa
  • Using reputed liquefaction technology providers
  • Full containment storage tanks provided by TGE
  • Implementation timetable - depends on location but typically, Pre-FEED (~ 3 months), FEED (6 months), Construction, and commissioning (~ 24 months)

Mid-scale liquefaction experience and credentials

Gasfin owns a fully permitted concession for the development of Caribbean LNG, a 0.5 - 1.0 mtpa liquefaction plant in Trinidad and Tobago.

Gasfin and its affiliates have extensive experience in the delivery of LNG production plants with proven liquefaction technology providers. We have worked with various liquefaction technology providers such as Linde and Black & Veatch to deliver 8 mid-scale LNG plants with production capacities ranging from 0.2 mtpa to 0.5 mtpa.


Gasfin can provide FLNG units with the following specifications:

  • LNG production solution for: 0.25 - 1.5 mtpa delivered to EU classification
  • Barge storage of 20,000 - 50,000 m³ complemented by FSU storage of 125,000 m³ +
  • Integrated gas processing and heavy hydrocarbon storage and send out
  • Suitable for jetty or spread mooring in near shore benign marine conditions
  • Fully managed delivery through FEED (6 - 8 months), then construction, installation, commissioning (~ 36 months)

Advantages of FLNG

  • All technology and components proven in operation in similar plants
  • Lower cost and greater timetable certainty as units are constructed in controlled shipyard environment
  • Holistic design, development and construction supervision service of Gasfin and TGE allows for competitive and efficient yard selection
  • Fully integrated system allows for easy commissioning and decommissioning
  • Re-deployable and replicable