Gasfin is a provider of mid-scale LNG infrastructure under long term contract. We combine proven technology, know-how and finance to offer our clients a right-sized LNG infrastructure service fully compatible to the global LNG chain without the need for upfront investment.

With the resources to scope, design, finance, deliver and operate mid-scale LNG infrastructure we are your one stop mid-scale LNG infrastructure provider.


Gasfin has its roots in cryogenic gas engineering - incorporated in 2009 by executives and shareholders of TGE. Having helped lead the TGE companies through the design and delivery of hundreds of cryogenic gas vessels and terminals we now seek to develop, own and operate mid-scale LNG infrastructure under our own banner.

Gasfin differentiates itself as an infrastructure provider by:

  • Leveraging our LNG engineering expertise and those of our partners to ensure competence at every stage and in every size of the LNG value chain, both offshore and onshore
  • Offering a single point of contact and responsibility for the complete project, from inception through operations including the technical development, permitting, financing, construction, operations and asset management
  • Working closely with our partners to achieve operational excellence, low cost fabrication and competitive financing



NYK is one of the world's largest shipping companies participating in the ownership and operation of over 800 vessels, including 70 world scale LNG carriers and assets in LNG bunkering, distribution and liquefaction.

NYK has a formal partnership with Gasfin supporting our developments with operational insights. This partnership started through NYK’s participation in projects in the French Caribbean and Trinidad and continues as they support the development of our project in Ghana and the Gasfin FRU.


TGE Gas Engineering is a Gasfin affiliate and a leading contractor for engineering, procurement, construction and project management of cryogenic gas storage, handling and processing plants for the energy and petrochemical industries. Once a project is in formal development, TGE provides us with additional technical depth and breadth for the design, process and mechanical engineering.

In LNG, TGE Gas Engineering has:

  • Completed 11 world scale and mid-scale terminals (either as primary EPC contractor, or subcontractor for storage and LNG handling),
  • Acted as primary EPC for the world’s first midscale liquefaction plant, a 400,000 tpa LNG production facility in Xinjiang, China, and in various roles on 7 further mid-scale plants either completed or in construction.
  • Delivered > 25 flat bottom LNG tanks in sizes ranging from 30,000 m³ - 160,000 m³, with in house designs for single, double or full containment.


TGE Marine is a long established market leader in the design and construction of cargo handling systems for ships and offshore units carrying liquefied cryogenic gases (LNG, LPG, and petrochemical gases). A former Gasfin affiliate, TGE Marine provides additional technical depth to Gasfin for the development of midscale FSRUs, FRU and shipping solutions.

TGE Marine has supplied gas handling and storage systems to more than 150 gas tankers, fabricating over 450 IMO Type 'C' cylindrical tanks, working with 24 shipyards across the globe. Specifically with respect to mid-scale LNG TGE Marine has:

  • Designed and delivered the world's first mid-scale LNG carrier, Coral Methane, and subsequent vessels ranging from 6,500 m³ to 30,000 m³
  • Designed and delivered LNG storage and handling system for the world's first mid-scale floating liquefaction plant (FLNG) – the Exmar 0.5 mtpa FLNG for Columbia
  • Delivered pioneering fuel gas systems that to date have enabled ferries, cruise ships, container vessels, car carriers and gas carriers to switch to LNG as a fuel


CIMC is Gasfin's strategic ownership partner in TGE Gas Engineering and the world's largest manufacturer of ISO standard LNG containers and road trailers. Based in Shenzhen, China, listed in Hong Kong, and operating across the globe, CIMC can support Gasfin's midscale LNG projects with competitive fabrication, installation and finance solutions for “last mile” gas delivery.

Senior Management

Gasfin is led by a multi-disciplinary team offering a comprehensive LNG skillset:

Roland Fisher, Co-Founder

A pioneer in mid-size LNG infrastructure. Previously CFO of TGE Group and Investment Director for the TGE MBO from Suez Group. A successful track record in investment and management. Chartered Accountant, INSEAD MBA.

Tel: +44 20 3369 9690

Nils Fuhrmann, Chief Technical Officer

Extensive experience in the gas carrier and LNG industry. Previously project manager TGE Group. Naval architect, marine engineer.

Tel: +49 228 37715801

Allan Ngwata, Chief Investment Officer

Experienced across infrastructure investment, financing and fund raising. Former managing director at Macquarie. Chartered accountant, Wharton MBA.

Tel: +49 228 3771 5804

Vladimir Puklavec, Chairman, Co-Founder

Long term leader in the cryogenic gas and petrochemical industry with established record for technical, commercial and managerial success. CEO of the TGE Group (1992-2009) and initiator of TGE´s MBO from Suez-Tractebel group. Chairman of Gasfin Group.